The boy told Muhammad Ali that he wanted to become a boxer. Ali’s response became a legend  

Perhaps, many people know Muhammad Ali as a remarkable athlete, a powerful boxer who did not know loss.

Nevertheless, in addition, he was a fine man with high-minded principles. Ali never compromised his morals and conscience. He was always noble with people and above all with himself.

And, definitely, for this, he had to face misapprehension as well as criticism. When Ali was drafted into the army, he rejected, explaining that rejecting to go to Vietnam would not lead to the death of many sinless people. Haven’t they done anything to him or his country? They accused him of a lack of patriotism without even noticing how much truth there was in his words.

Muhammad Ali completed his trunk in the 80s. However, he remained an icon and a legend for many generations. During one of the broadcasts, where Ali was a guest, viewers were allowed to ask questions. The 12-year-old boy made up his mind to ask his idol for advice. And his response became a real legend. There was so much wisdom in him. Ali himself struggled with the disease, over the years of playing sports he lost all his health, and not a single victory came easily. And his response is the worry of future generations.

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