«The boldest dress of the year»: Ratajkowksi’s provocative look in a milky dress with cuts caused a stir on network

Model Ratajkowski in a revealing dress with cuts was ready for a fancy restaurant

The recent impressive appearance of the successful and charming model didn’t let any of her fans remain indifferent. She left everyone speechless appearing in a rather provocative look choosing a daring dress with cuts. Emily’s bright look has been well-remembered as «the boldest look of the year».

Preparing for a fancy restaurant, Ratajkowski chose a mini milk-colored dress with daring cuts. Her bold outfit perfectly emphasized her stunning and splendid figure. Her provocative look soon caused a stir on network and has long been actively discussed.

The well-known model pulled her gorgeous dark hair back in a high bun leaving some in front of her face. Her delicate «natural» makeup with her eyes emphasized highlighted the celebrity’s natural beauty.

It should be noted that the iconic model has recently been spotted with her heir Sylvester while taking a walk in New York. Her absolutely adorable little baby with such a cute face expression and golden curls immediately won millions of hearts on the network.

As it turned out, the charming star broke up with P. Davidson after two months of their romantic relationship.


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