“The body’s 95% covered in tattoos!”: Here is the unique blogger whose body is fully covered in numerous tattoos

Meet the most tattooed woman: How did the unique blogger look before?

Here is quite a popular blogger Becky who is believed to be the most tattooed female in the territory of the United Kingdom. It is worth mentioning that her body’s 95 percent, believe it or not, is covered in numerous tattoos making her look absolutely unique and distinctive. However, after posting photos of her before having all these tattoos, her fans immediately came into delight and rushed to claim that Becky looked stunning without them as well.

Many hold the opinion that the unique blogger simply ruined her body. She is often criticized and regularly receives such comments as “She looked much better, for sure”, “Why did she deliberately spoil her appearance?”, “Why did she do this?”, “Lack of attention”.

“Without these tattoos, she had nothing special”, “She simply needs attention”, “Not interesting at all without these tattoos”.

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