“The best thing I have ever read”: Carrey explained what depression actually is

The explanation of what depression is by Carrey: How to cope with it?

Legendary actor J. Carrey explained what depression really is, which was the best thing I have ever heard in my life. The powerful thoughts he shared left absolutely everyone speechless. The 55-year-old film star had long been suffering depression about which he recently talked in Elephant Journal. He himself knew well how it was to be stuck in depression and the burdensome process of coping with it.

The actor first gained fame and popularity in the 1990s but no one was actually aware of the difficulties the man had to deal with. When Carrey was 12, his father, who worked as an accountant, lost his job. At the age of 16, Jim left school in order to keep his family. When he was 20, he was suffering depression and was trying to find a way out.

“Despair – is an inseparable element for learning or creating something new.”


“Currently, I don’t have depression. Depression doesn’t exist for me.  Now that it is raining, I am not afraid of drowning anymore. This is just a rain and it soon will stop.”

“All this – the desire to be important, have a high position, mean a lot. Actually, our search for exclusiveness causes nothing but pain and suffering because of the following three reasons.

First and for most, this creates a divide between you and other people who judge your unique and exclusive character. Secondly, this makes you get confused as you are convinced that circumstances mustn’t change.

Thirdly, this eternal search for ourselves takes the peace of your mind and makes you feel that something is definitely missing in you.

The only way out is to stop pretending and start being yourself.”

What concerns the difference between simple sadness and depression, sadness is mainly caused by situations, for example when something didn’t happen or we couldn’t manage to do. And depression is our body that screams at us to stop pretending. It is simply tired of playing another character. We should take off our masks and be ourselves.

“Depression is a sign that we need a long-lasting rest from playing a character we are pretending to be.  I don’t have depression anymore. There is no such a thing in my life. I experience happiness, sadness, acknowledgement, but no depression.

Everyone should take off their masks”.


Do you agree with the actor?