“The beauty icons of the XX century”: These legendary women still win millions of hearts despite being in 70s and 80s

18 iconic stars who proved that a woman can age still maintaining her charm

It is no secret that these iconic, gorgeous and charming women won millions of hearts with their indescribably beauty, charm, elegance and attractiveness. Whereas we all should bear in mind that absolutely everyone should face the aging process sooner or later and no one’s beauty and attractiveness will remain absolutely the same. The women shown here have, of course, undergone age-related changed concerning their appearance while remaining the same admirable and charismatic ladies.

S. Loren

B. Bardot

K. Deneva

S. Svetlichnaya

G. Hawn


E. Bistritskaya

J. Lange

Ch. Rampling

J, Fonda

M. Streep

A. Aime

N. Varley

D. Keaton

S. Sarandon

S, Weaver

N Selezneva

M. Mercier

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