The baby, after being rejected by more than 20 families, was eventually adopted by this kind-hearted man

After being rejected, this girl with Down Syndrome gets adopted by a kind man

The science and technology of nowadays not only allows people to know the gender of their expecting baby, but also developing abnormalities and deviations when the baby is still in the mother’s belly. Today, we are going to tell you the touching story of this absolutely unique girl who was rejected by her parents and about 20 families once they leant she had the Syndrome of Down.

One day, kind-hearted man Luca Trapanese, who is actively engaged in many charity organizations and volunteer works, learnt the heartbreaking story of this girl and immediately decided to adopt and take care of Alba. The condition of the little girl didn’t scare him at all.

But the process of adaption was not the easiest one. People wanted to confirm that the adaption is impossible when she has a mother or a father. But all his efforts eventually paid off and he managed to adopt the girl. As he mentions, he fell in love with the girl at first sight.

Luca is Alba’s biggest supporter and protector who will take care of her till the end of his life.  He added that the girl means everything to him and he doesn’t imagine living without her.

He is a true hero, isn’t he?

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