“The ageless beauty icons of our time!”: Here are the 18 most stunning and overall-famous actresses of the XX century

The way these iconic actresses look in their 70s and 80s left their fans speechless

Here are represented the world’s 18 most iconic, gorgeous and overall-recognized female with whom millions were madly in love. No single one could remain indifferent towards the unearthly beauty, charm and attractiveness of these beauties, whereas, no need to mention, many have changed beyond recognition over these years. Today, we will show those who get old beautifully showing how women in their 70s and more should look.

S. Loren

B. Bardot

C. Deneuve

S. Svetlichnaya

G. Hawn


E. Bystritskaa

J. Lange

Ch. Rampling

J. Fonda

M. Streep

Anouk Aime


N. Varley

D. Keaton

S. Sarandon

S. Weaver

N. Selezneva

M. Mercier

What films have you watched starred by these outstanding actresses?


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