The actor appeared in allegedly $20M commercials after his trial with his ex-wife.

Johnny Depp has a new commercial for Christian Dior after signing a deal with the brand that reportedly earned him more than the luxury brand’s past celebrity endorsers.

The actor’s fans were thrilled to see him in the advert, with many swooning over his voice, and noting his age.

The father of two has moved on with his life following his highly-publicized trial with his ex-wife. He is selling artwork, making music, and starring in movies.

On September 7, 2023, Johnny Depp, 60, appeared in a new Christian Dior ad called “The Call Of The Blazing Sun” for the Dior fragrance Sauvage Eau de Toilette. In a YouTube clip featuring the ad, the actor was dressed in black with his long hair loose.

The star wearing silver jewelry, including rings, calmly spoke about eagles circling their prey, the blazing sun, and cold winds. Images of a windswept desert, the beach, and an eagle flying high and crying were depicted too. At the end of his dialogue, Depp states, “This is the call of Sauvage.”

It’s been reported that the “Pirates of The Caribbean” actor signed a deal with Dior deemed the “biggest men’s fragrance pact ever.” The three-year agreement the star struck with the French luxury fashion house earlier this year allegedly cost “upwards of $20 million,” but neither his nor Dior’s representatives have confirmed the news. Meanwhile, sources in the fragrance industry also revealed that most celebrities only get around $2 to $4 million yearly, making Depp’s contract the biggest.

Depp’s ties to Christian Dior go way back to 2015 when he first endorsed the brand as the face of Sauvage. It seems their partnership proved lucrative and social media fans have been sharing strong reactions to Depp’s commercial since it was launched a few days ago.

Two days after the commercial came out, Daily Mail shared part of it on a Facebook post and noted how the celebrity has returned for a “massive payday!” Most of his fans were thrilled for him, with one person commenting:

“Good for him because he deserves it. All the best.”

Several people agreed that the “Edward Scissorhands” star deserved the role, while another noted how talented he is. The fan urged Depp to “move on from the past” and to remain “wonderful” before declaring their love.

A fan's reaction to Johnny Depp's new Christian Dior commercial as the face of Sauvage on September 9, 2023 | Source: Facebook/Daily Mail

Someone else gushed about the celebrity being “awesome” and described the commercial as “so amazing.” The person noted how they couldn’t tolerate adverts but that they loved watching Depp’s, adding that his voice “just melts me.” Someone else wrote:

“He did awesome, if that’s what they wanted. He gave it. His voice is enchanting.”

Another person shared how they could listen to Depp’s voice forever and even noted how good it would sound in an audiobook. A Facebook user thought the actor was “great” and still handsome at his age, while someone else also swooned over his voice.

Depp, now 60, amazed a fan who said, “he doesn’t even look 40.” Responding to the Dior commercial on YouTube, another fan thought he would be “past his prime now” but happy the brand stuck with him. Depp still has the “same mystique,” according to the fan who wished him the best.

Fan reactions to Johnny Depp's new Christian Dior commercial as the face of Sauvage on September 9, 2023 | Source: Facebook/Daily Mail

In 2014, Depp reportedly bought a 12-bedroom house in Somerset, England. Speaking to a local magazine in April 2023, he revealed that he loved the rural country’s character, though he confessed to having homes in different places, all meaning something to him.

The actor shared that he uses all his houses and didn’t just buy them for the sake of ownership. Somerset is unique because Depp can live comfortably and out of the limelight while greeting his British neighbors without any fanfare.

The star admitted he was okay with signing autographs or chatting briefly with fans, but not during his private time with his family, which includes his daughter Lily-Rose and son Jack.

In a 2018 interview, the actor shared one incident that made him want to fight for and protect his children when Jack had to hear from his classmates that his father had lost all his money. However, besides the negativity they’ve faced, there have been some good times.

To celebrate his achievement, Lily-Rose, 23, shared how she was “super happy” for her father.

For instance, one of Depp’s proudest moments was when his son started a band, and they’d named it Clown Boner! The star couldn’t help but smile proudly, joking that they definitely didn’t need a paternity test for Jack who proved he was his son!

On June 1, 2022, after a Fairfax County, Virginia jury ruled that Heard defamed him with her 2018 Washington Post op-ed, the actor said he finally had his life back. Weeks after the trial, Depp reportedly made over $3.6 million when his debut art collection “Friends & Heroes” sold out within hours.

Meanwhile, a source said he’d moved on from the drama with Heard a year after the verdict by going to Europe to continue working. The father of two had gigs with the late Jeff Beck, including the July 2022 debut of their first joint studio album, “18.”

The actor also filmed the drama “Jeanne du Barry,” with the French historical movie debuting on May 16, 2023, at the Cannes Film Festival. After its screening, the audience went wild, and Depp received a seven-minute standing ovation!

To celebrate his achievement, Lily-Rose, 23, shared how she was “super happy” for her father. While addressing the news in a virtual interview from the South of France, the Chanel model noted how “awesome” they got to feature in projects they were “super proud of.”