Al Pacino ‘Demanded a DNA Test’ from Pregnant Girlfriend: Report – He Was Allegedly Not Sure He Could Have More Kids

It has been recently reported that legendary Hollywood icon Al Pacino is expecting a baby with his current girlfriend, Noor Alfallah.

According to several sources, Pacino had no idea that his girlfriend was pregnant until about two months ago, even though she is already at eight months.

He was shocked when he found out, and requested her to take a DNA test to prove that the baby is his.

Legendary actor Al Pacino is set to welcome his fourth child with his girlfriend, Noor Alfallah. The 29-year-old and 83-year-old have been dating for some time, and it was recently announced that she is expecting a baby with him.

When Pacino heard his girlfriend was expecting, he was extremely shocked, to say the least. According to TMZ, he did not believe he could impregnate a woman

Al Pacino at The 92nd Street Y in conversation with David Rubenstein in New York, 2023 | Source: Getty Images

The star had experienced unspecified health ailments, which were believed to be an impediment to conception. Furthermore, reports stipulate that Pacino had only received the news approximately two months ago, adding to the shock value.

Pacino’s disbelief was so extensive that the actor demanded Noor acquire a DNA test to prove that the baby is his. As mentioned before, the “Scarface” star had doubts because of medical issues.

Nonetheless, she obliged her boyfriend’s request and completed the paternity test. The results indicated that Pacino is, in fact, the father of her child.

Showbiz 411 was the first news outlet to report on the results, and TMZ was the first to break the story. Noor is currently eight months pregnant and welcomes the baby as Pacino’s fourth child.

Outside of being Pacino’s new baby’s mother and partner, Noor is a Kuwait-American film producer and model. She is a University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts graduate who pursued film production studies in her undergraduate years. After completing her first degree, she went on to achieve her Masters in film and television production from the University of California.

She has been the executive producer of four accredited productions, which include: “Brosa Notra,” “La Petite Mort,” and two upcoming features, “Little Death,” and “Billy Knight.” Additionally, she is the VP for Lynda Obst Productions at Sony Pictures Studios.

The producer is one of three daughters out of a total of four children (including her only brother) born to Alana Setlin and Falah N Al-Falah. Her parents have been together for 32 years, since 1987, and got married in 1991. Her father is the president of Beverly Hills-based Q8 Capital Inc and has been for 14 years, ensuring the annual generation of half a million dollars in revenue.

As one of four siblings, she is the eldest of the bunch; her younger sister, Remi Alfallah, was born in 1996, is 26 years old, and was the previous first assistant to Lorne Michaels of SNL. Before working for Michaels, Remi graduated from USC Marshall School of Business and has also worked for Anonymous Content’s Doug Wald. She has also spent some time at Focus Features as part of the acquisitions team.

Despite Noor’s track record of being known to only date older men, she and Pacino remain unbothered by what the public has to say about their relationship.

As previously announced by Deadline, in 2021, the two sisters went into business together with Brian Grazer – the chairman of Imagine Entertainment, to scout talent. The youngest sister of the Alfallah clan is 17-year-old Sophia Alfallah, who – in keeping with the family interest and business – is reported to be an avid photographer.

The only boy of the family, Nasser Alfallah, is the middle child of the four. Unlike his sisters, he is allegedly the most private, and not much is known about him outside of the pictures he chooses to post on his social media.

Pacino and the eldest of the Alfallah family began dating back in 2020. Due to their more than noticeable age gap of 54 years, the couple has been a hot topic in the press.

Unlike the broader held public’s opinion embedded in concern over the vast age gap, Pacino and his girlfriend seem unfazed by their age difference. In fact, Noor appears to have an affinity for older men because her past two boyfriends – Mick Jagger and Nicolas Berggruen, were also considerably older than her.

After ending her three-year romantic relationship with Jagger, who is 52 years her senior, Noor went on to date billionaire philanthropist Berggruen. The couple’s first sighting had been on a lunch date in New York in April 2018.

Reportedly, this was around the same time that she was allegedly still dating Jagger. The couple’s relationship had been confirmed by Noor herself in an Instagram post.

After being spotted out together, she took to Instagram to boast about Berggruen on August 9, 2018. She posted a picture that showed the two of them embracing as they stood side by side on his birthday, along with a message calling him her partner in crime:

“Happy Birthday Nicolas! My partner in crime! Wishing you many more to come [and I’m] so happy I get to celebrate with you!”

Following the confirmation of their relationship, the two continued to be spotted out on vacations together. The following year, Noor was in the news again for allegedly being involved with Clint Eastwood.

The two were spotted leaving a famous celebrity hang-out spot together late one evening. Eastwood was driving while she was seated in the back. As soon as news outlets began speculating that the two were an item, Noor quickly interjected and claimed that the two were simply longtime family friends and nothing more:

“There is no relationship; we’re not dating. We’re family friends, and my family was there, and that’s it…Other friends were there [too], [so] trust me, there’s no relationship.”

Despite her track record of being known to only date older men, she and Pacino remain unbothered by what the public has to say about their relationship. The happy couple eagerly awaits to welcome their child together soon this year.