«The 90s’ supermodel is unrecognizable!»: The way legendary model Crawford has changed left nobody indifferent

No one believes their eyes when they see how one of the iconic models has changed 😳🧐

Even in her 50s, C. Crawford, who was previously considered one of the iconic and most successful models of all time, still enjoys her popularity and influence. Despite her age, she manages to keep herself fit and healthy and her body still looks amazing.

Unlike many of her colleagues, she hasn’t undergone any plastic surgeries choosing the natural way of aging. However, some believe that she has had some beauty injections including Botox.

The former supermodel strongly denies the previously mentioned adding that such procedures can be both ineffective and too pricey.

This is how she looks like today.

Her recent appearance immediately became the subject of discussions among network users. The wrinkles on her face and saggy skin disappointed some of them..

Meanwhile, the fans still consider her one of the prettiest women the world has ever known.

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