“The 74-year-old partner of the King of Rock and Roll”: This is how legendary Presley’s wife looks at 74

Are you interested in how the wife of iconic Presley who has turned 74?

Meet Priscilla, the wife of the king of Rock music. The iconic woman was born in 1945 and, initially, tried her hand in the show industry and later, owing to her talented husband, achieved great success gaining world fame.

Their first encounter was at a night club when the girl was still 14 and the man was 10 years older than her. At first, it was the girl who had his heart and, later on, Elvis started to feel something more towards her.

Elvis was mainly interested in her due to the fact that she was one of those who didn’t strive to be the girlfriend of one of the iconic and legendary men in the States at that time. It was in 1967 that the charming couple united becoming the prime example of what the purest love looked like.

The newlyweds’ adorable daughter Lisa was born in 1968 who didn’t let any single one stay indifferent.

Whereas after a while, Priscilla couldn’t endure the fact that she was married to an overall-known celebrity and didn’t want to be under his umbrella. The legendary couple soon divorced leaving their fans in tears.

And this is how the legendary woman looks at the age of 74 after the tragic death of the King of the Rock and Roll.

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