«The 1980s’ icon is unrecognizable»: This is how 60-year-old singer Sandra has changed over the years

Sandra at 60 with huge bags under her eyes and an asymmetrical face disappointed the fans

Everyone probably knows this iconic, successful and incredibly talented singer. She has won millions of hearts with her great songs, angelically beautiful voice and charisma. However, just like most of her colleagues, she turned to plastic surgeons.

This is how the netizens reacted to her radical transformation. «Why have you spoilt your rare beauty?», «One question. Is she drunk?», «What is wrong with her?».

«There was actually no need to turn to plastic surgeons. You looked pretty enough», «I can’t believe my eyes. Is this really her?», «I refuse to recognize that this is actually her».

«Your time has already passed», «I don’t see Sandra here», «Surprisingly, she looks much younger than she actually is», «I wouldn’t give her 60, for sure», «She doesn’t look her best».

Did you recognize Sandra? Are you a fan of her?

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