“Surpassed her mother in beauty!”: Legendary model Crawford’s daughter in a retro style attracted millions

Here is model Crawford’s 21-year-old daughter Kaia who charmed everyone

It should be noted that the charming and absolutely adorable daughter of the iconic model is currently specializing in modeling doing her best to achieve success and have her own unique place without taking advantage of her mother’s popularity.

Whereas it goes without saying that people actively discuss the similarity between Kaia and her well-known mother and some even notice that the young girl looks much like Cindy and will soon surpass her.

Her fans immediately came into delight seeing the unbeatable look of the young model. Many appreciated her stunning and flawless figure as well.

“The best out of the best”, “The loveliest girl in fashion”, “It is all genes!”, “They look like two peas in a pod”, “An original look!”.

How did you like Kaia Gerber?

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