“Sun-kissed!”: The indescribable beauty of these unique girls won’t let you stay indifferent

Meet rare red-haired and green-eyed girls from different parts of our planet

There is no secret that the such people are extremely rare and their absolute uniqueness and charm won’t let any of you stay indifferent. Perhaps, everyone is well familiar with what “vampirism” is which describes those who are quite sensitive and get easily hurt by the exposure of the Sun. The difficulties also include poor metabolism and reproductive system of their organisms. These fantastic shots taken by photographer B. Dowling who found and photographed the following absolutely unique and distinctive girls from all over the world.

Beauty from Ural

An absolutely unique girl from Antalya

Kiev’s red-haired beauty

Our charming girl from the US

He managed to find another indescribable beauty from Slovenia.

We all can admire her for hours (Amsterdam)

Croatian fairy beauty!

Our unique beauty from London

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