“Suffered from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma”: The gift from Heaven for Fonda was to overcome cancer she suffered

The incredible news that Fonda had cancer and overcame it hit the network

J. Fonda at 85 literally left everyone speechless admitting that she has heroically managed to cure from cancer she suffered and this great news definitely hit the network.

As it has recently become known, it was several months ago the iconic actress regretfully found out she had cancer and immediately started to receive treatment and chemotherapy.

And recently, she happily announced the remission of cancer which made her happier than ever in her whole life. The legendary woman confessed that she has lately stopped chemotherapy as her oncologist advised her to.

It should be noted that the last procedure of chemotherapy had a huge impact on her body and it became extremely difficult and troublesome for her to do even elementary things and gain energy to move on.

She expressed her gratitude to those who offered their priceless help, great support and who constantly prayed for the actress. Fonda considers herself fortunate enough to now celebrate her birthday which seems to be a gift from heaven. The heroic woman mentioned that in case of this disease about eighty percent of patients manage to recover from it and she considers herself one of those lucky ones.

Did you know that the actress suffered from such a terrible disease?

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