“Stunning legs and no hint of stretch marks”: The way Whiteley looks after giving birth left her fans speechless

Model Huntington-Whiteley first showed her figure after the childbirth!

Meet charming and overall-recognized model R. Huntington-Whiteley who, at her 35, gave birth to her second child 10 months ago.

It is relevant to mention that the English beauty has been in a relationship with legendary 55-year-old movie star J. Statham for already 12 years. During their relationship, the beautiful couple had two heirs and they frequently show them delighting their followers.

Though their age difference is 20 years, it failed to prevent them from being the prime models not only in family, but also in Hollywood. Each appearance of the couple immediately becomes a sensation and they never cease to show limitless love and affection towards each other.

However surprising it may seem, the lovable and successful supermodel managed to quickly get in shape shortly after giving birth for the first time and rushing to return to the catwalk. And, what concerns her second pregnancy, the celebrity proudly demonstrated her flawless body about 10 months after the childbirth and the result of her hard work was praised by millions. The recently posted photos by the supermodel in an attractive scarlet bikini showing her flat stomach and desirable body without any birthmarks definitely impressed the netizens.

There is no need to say that absolutely everyone was delighted with the splendid and chic figure of the model.

Despite her natural beauty and grace, Rosie is also distinguished with her unique style and taste frequently being the biggest inspiration for her fans.

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