«Strong decision, great result!». 28 years ago, Donna Mills took a bold step, leaving many people in surprise

She has a strong will and courage 🤗🥰

Donna Mills has always devoted herself to her career, without thinking about her personal life. As a result the actress reached to 50 and had a success only in her career. She had neither husband nor children.

But her desire to have a child was strong, so she decided to adopt a child and devote herself to raising her. It seemed she was tired of her work and wanted to find something new to be focused on.

But her relatives and friends didn’t like her idea, advising her not to take a risk, because she was not young and couldn’t keep the child properly. But the actress proved that she can be a wonderful parent for her daughter.

She raised her perfectly and provided her with everything she needed. Now she is 28 years old and attracts everyone with her beauty and charm.

Donna does not regret her choice and is proud of her adorable daughter.

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