«Stop ruining your life!»: Meg Ryan continues to surprise fans with her changing appearance  

Fans do not recognize the beautiful actress 😱😳

Meg Ryan has always been in the center of people’s attention not only for her great talent, but also for her beauty and charm. She has attracted millions of hearts with her nice appearance.

Many wanted to work with her, because she was loved by everyone.

But it seemed the famous actress didn’t like her appearance and decided to change it through plastic surgery. As a result she became completely different, which caused criticism among her fans.

Then she was not offered to act in films because of her transformed appearance. No one liked her new look and as a result she lost her successful career and a great number of fans.

The once beautiful actress now looks unrecognisable and it really upsets fans.

Now she is 61, but according to fans, she looks older than her actual age. They are displeased with her new look and advise her to stop ruining her life.

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