«Stop it, please»: Plus-size model Holliday was heavily criticized after she posted a video of her in a revealing scarlet bikini

The fans were left speechless when this plus-size model showed her body in a bikini

Shortly after this popular and absolutely unique 36-year-old plus-size model T. Holliday shared a video of her proudly demonstrating her non-standard figure in a bikini, the comments section was full of negativity and heavy criticism.

It is not really surprising since even nowadays to many it seems wild and unusual to demonstrate one’s «imperfect» body with excess weight.

This time, she left the network users speechless sharing a video in which she appeared in a revealing scarlet bikini. Holliday didn’t even think twice before posting such a scandalous footage.

«Please, stop all this», «It’s impossible to look at this without tears», «You should already think about keeping a healthy diet!», «We all appreciate your self-acceptance», «What a bold image!».

While many highly praised Holliday for her courage and body positivity, many couldn’t remain indifferent and rushed to heavily criticize the model. «How is it possible to look like this?», «Are you satisfied with the way your body looks now?».

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