«Stole the show with her hotness!»: Everyone’s eyes on the Red Carpet were on boldly-dressed Lopez

Lopez’s «naked» Valentino dress with a bow dazzled everyone at the event 😍

J. Lopez has always been one of the most desirable as well as talked-about attendees on the Red Carpet. This time, she spectacularly appeared to promote the movie «Shotgun Wedding» where she played the leading role.

The premiere took place in Los Angeles and was one of the most impressive ones. She literally stole the show becoming the main «character» of it.

She opted a gorgeous Valentino dress which was one step away from looking vulgar and outrageous. The dress was completely transparent and had a big yellow bow.

Many wondered whether B. Affleck would be jealous or not since she interacted with several men and was being too social.

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