«Still wins hearts at 76!»: Everyone was pleasantly surprised to see Lopez’s stunningly beautiful mother  

When Lopez showed her mother, the fans fell in love with the woman at first sight 😍

The resemblance between this iconic celebrity and her mother is something out of this world. Many agree that Lopez inherited her unearthly beauty and femininity from her mother who still keeps her charm.

However unbelievable it may seem, this woman is 76, yet still manages to win millions of hearts. No one would deny that she possesses incredible beauty.

Her mother is undeniably a bright, intelligent and charismatic personality. Not once has Lopez proudly talked about her mother expressing her genuine gratitude towards her.

Even at her 76, she is still energetic and keeps a positive mind. She spends lots of time with her grandchildren being one of their biggest supporters.

One of the keys to her stunning figure is proper nutrition and plenty of water in her staple diet.

Whereas some are more than sure that she periodically visits beauty clinics to take good care of her skin of her face.

However, she herself strongly denies the previously mentioned. She doesn’t mind showing herself in a completely natural way.

In those «honest» photos, it is clearly seen that her beauty is natural and needs no alterations.

She is convinced that self-care constitutes a fundamental factor in maintaining one’s beauty.

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