«Still look feminine and attractive»: The list of overall-recognized film stars who shaved off their heads for the sake of roles

These legendary actresses proved that women with bald heads can still look feminine

The following overall-recognized, outstanding and successful woman proved that femininity doesn’t always mean lush long flowing curls. Their incredible stories have become the evidence that women can look attractive, feminine and self-confident even without any hair on their heads. Most of them decided to do so for the sake of film roles, whereas had to start an entirely new stage of life with totally different appearance.

Here are some of them who sacrificed their hair for their acting career, whereas still looked feminine and mind-blowing.

N. Portman

This iconic actress shaved off her head right in front of the cameras and the cult moment entered the cinema. You can witness the breath-taking scene in «V for Vendetta».

K. Stewart

The idol of millions left her fans speechless appearing with an almost bald head. This is how the star of «Twilight» commented on her entirely new image. «It’s very practical».

D. Moore

It should be noted that in front of us is one of the world’s first actresses who sacrificed their hair for a film role. The iconic movie star and B. Willis’s ex-wife, shaved off her gorgeous dark hair for «G. I. Jane».

C. Blanchett

The well-known actress decided to get rid of her hair for the great film «Paradise». According to the legendary woman, becoming bald was actually an incredibly liberating experience.

Ch. Theron

It is worth mentioning that for the movie «Monster» one of the most prominent and successful actresses had to gain over 15 kilos, and for «Mad Max: Fury Road», she sacrificed her blonde hair.

A Hathaway

What concerns Ann, she shaved her gorgeous dark hair for the sake of
«Les Miserables» and, later, received an Oscar for this legendary roles.