«Still gives me butterflies»: As a mother of three children, iconic actress Roberts shared her honest thoughts about parenting

Keeping her children out of the spotlight is Roberts’s top priority in parenting

It is worth mentioning that apart from being an incredibly talented and praiseworthy actress, J. Roberts is a caring, devoted and exemplary mother of three kids for the sake of whom she had to take a relatively long break from her drizzling acting career.

It is relevant to mention that the Hollywood star met her husband during the filming and it has already been 20 years the legendary spouses are inseparable.

According to her, it works this way. «Happy Life, Happy Wife» since even after so many years and various experiences in marital life, Moder still manages to give her butterflies.

The main reason why the iconic movie star stopped frequently shooing for films is her busy family life and the necessity to pay a lot of much attention to her children taking an active part in their upbringing.

As Roberts mentioned, she may be called a rather strict parent since she doesn’t allow her kids to watch TV and use cellphones.

When they misbehave, instead of punishing them, the legendary woman sits next to them and has a long and deep conversation.

For Julia and her husband, keeping the kids out of the public’s eyes is number one priority.

Do you agree with Roberts? Do you think she does everything right?

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