“Some age-related changes are already seen”: After losing weight, the Hollywood actress Jolie was caught in Italy

Paparazzi were fortunate enough to catch Angelina Jolie in Rome, Italy

There is no need to say that well-known and successful actress Jolie can’t simply escape the paparazzi’s and journalists’ attention as they won’t ever miss an opportunity to capture the star. And lately, the world famous actress and director was caught in Rome, Italy, a country she truly loves.

The legendary woman was caught in a full-length gray dress and a black coat. There were controversial opinions about the woman’s figure. Some were more than sure that she has remained the same unearthly beauty and looks just great at her age. Whereas the others rushed to claim that she has lost too much weight and looks extremely thin and unhealthy.

People noticed the actress’s somehow aged and wrinkled hands definitely betray her real age. Perhaps, it is either connected with her thinness, or genes.

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