«Slowly turning into Madonna!»: Far not everyone is satisfied with the results of Blunt’s recent beauty injections

The fans criticize Blunt for turning herself into Madonna with countless beauty injections 😱😧

This 40-year-old star has recently been accused of radically changing her face and losing her natural charm due to numerous injections. Her obsession with such procedures has already started to cause criticism.

The «Oppenheimer» star has been widely traveling the world clearly showing the results of the recent beauty procedures she has undergone.

Her noticeably changed appearance quickly became the topic of discussions and still surfaces on the network. Many believe that nothing is left of former Blunt and that Botox and other procedures have changed her irreversibly.

«There are millions like her!», «She lost her individuality and no longer looks unique», «Am I the only one who believes that she is slowly turning herself into Madonna?».

«When injections went too far!», «I can barely recognize my idol!», «Please, stop it!», «She has changed, but definitely not for the better!».

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