Sia’s Secret Wedding Unveiled: Mysterious Singer Ties the Knot in Intimate Ceremony

She seems to be happy!  🤗❤️

Many know this mysterious singer Sia, who has tried to hide her face from the public, explaining that it’s private.

Recently, she surprised her fans once again with her secret marriage to Dan Bernard, with whom she had been dating for two years.

Their wedding ceremony took place at Villa Olivetta, the home of fashion designers Stefano Dolce and Domenico Gabbana, in Portofino, Europe, on May 9.

They invited only their family members and closest friends.

Recently, their wedding photos were posted on social media, which caused discussions among netizens.

The singer was wearing a luxurious white dress and was looking very happy.

The groom is not as famous as his star wife, but they suit each other a lot. Recall that it’s the singer’s second marriage. Her ex-husband was American film director Eric Anders Lang.

In 2019, the star fostered two boys and now she even has two grandchildren.

Besides being a famous singer, Sia is also focused on activism, filmmaking, and animal rights.

Once she said that didn’t want to marry and chose a single life, but as you see she has changed her mind and has found her real love.