«Short love that comes and goes!»: The news that 76-year-old Cher broke up with her boyfriend surprised everyone

The fans were saddened by the breakup of their favorite Cher and her boyfriend 😲😳

The news that the legendary performer and her 40-year-old boyfriend broke up has recently hit the network. As a great number of people predicted, their love actually lasted a short period of time. The reason for their breakup remains unknown.

Moreover, many are now more than sure that their engagement was not true. The whole thing is that the non-standard couple once showed off a diamond ring, but it seems as if they did that to excite the netizens.

It is worth mentioning that they first met last September and still a month ago were spotted during a date in West Hollywood.

She claimed, «Our relationship seems strange on paper, but our love knows no mathematics». It should be mentioned that the iconic performer has been married twice and has two children.

And, it is no secret that she has always preferred men younger than her. This was actually claimed by the American-Armenian singer herself.

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