«She urgently needs sports and a healthy diet»: the recent disappointing photos of Christina Aguilera became reason of stir

Where did her slender figure disappear?😳Aguilera’s fans were really disappointed to see their favorite star with gained weight☹😬Furthermore, some have criticized her choice of outfit, which showed only her physical flaws🙄It’s really awful!

42-year-old Christina Aguilera was the center of attention of all fans. Fans were surprised to see that Christina had changed a lot. These significant changes in her appearance became a cause for concern. The latest photos show that she has gained weight and her former beauty has disappeared.

Her fans are surprised and wondering what could have caused such a big change. Previously, Christina had a slim figure, but now apparently she no longer takes care of herself.

For many fans, Christina became completely unrecognizable. Everyone advises her to exercise and eat healthy to improve her appearance. They are confident that excess weight will have a negative impact on her health and well-being.

But besides this, some even criticized Aguilera for her unusual outfit. She chose an outfit that visibly emphasized her physical flaws. How did she make such a choice, realizing that there were changes in her appearance!


We are sure that you also notice changes in her appearance. What do you think about her choice?

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