«She turned back and left everyone speechless»: Here is one of the best-known models in a semi-sheer dress on the catwalk

Supermodel Hadid made a splash showing how her dress looked from the back

Let’s finally admit that far not all models and fashion enthusiasts can actually be believed to possess good sense of style. For many, the «era» of Kardashian sisters has ended and now Hadid sisters dominate the fashion world.

It is not a secret at all that G. Hadid has recently given birth to a baby and took a pause from her drizzling modeling career.

No one would deny that her recent appearance on the catwalk made a real splash and has long been discussed. Her look was rather spicy and daring.

The celebrity let her hair down choosing an «iconic» semi-transparent dress for her brilliant performance and spectacular gait. The black parts barely covered the private places of the charming model.

Everyone there was left astonished when they saw the back of the dress which was completely transparent. Many, of course, highly appreciated the originality of her actively-discussed outfit, yet some rushed to criticize.

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