«She still makes hearts beat faster!»: The appearance of Hayek delights absolutely everyone

Hayek shares the mysterious remedy that helps the actress keep her beauty 🤔🧐

However surprising it may seem, this successful actress is already 56, yet never ceases to astonish the world with her unfading beauty and eternal charm. This was achieved without the help of surgeries and beauty procedures.

She has talked about a mysterious remedy that helps her keep her appearance well-groomed and flawless. That secret ingredient is a plant, a relative of the mimosa. It is called Tepezcohuite and is found in southern Mexico.

Its skin and powder are excessively used for skincare purposes. It is quite popular especially in her native country.

Though in the US only a few know about this ingredient. The star admits that she widely uses creams for the face containing this plant. According to her, its effects are «magic».

This is what helps the outstanding actress keep her appearance the subject of admiration. It is worth mentioning that she had her daughter at the age of 41, while married Pinault when she was 43.

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