«She starts a love relationship again»: fans were confused when they saw who Emily Ratajkowski kissed recently

Do you already know who her next chosen one is?🧐Emily was seen kissing the singer, which caused controversy due to her previous relationship😳😱Fans are confused!🫣

Recently, the media has been very interested in the life of Emily Ratajkowski. The unique model and actress is in the spotlight especially after she was seen kissing singer Harry Styles in Tokyo. This sparked controversy surrounding her previous relationship with Olivia Wilde’s ex-partner.

During an interview with Vogue, Ratajkowski revealed a secret about her personal life and expressed discomfort with the experiences being exposed and scrutinized by the public.

She is no longer in a relationship with musician Jeff Magid and is now dating a new partner but has not added any additional information.
Ratajkowski has been married to producer Sebastian Bear-McClard since 2018 and they have a son. But Bear-McClard was accused of sexual harassment, which led to disagreement between the couple.

It is unclear how this latest scandal will affect Ratajkowski’s life and her family. But at the same time, her personal life continues to interest all fans and the media.

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