«She signed for eternal youth»: No one could take their eyes off Hollywood actress Aniston’s toned and attractive body

The dream body of 53-year-old Rachel from «Friends» pleasantly surprised the fans

Believe it or not, everyone’s favorite Rachel from the popular sitcom «Friends» is already 53 who has recently appeared in the spotlight of paparazzi and they didn’t miss a chance to take photos of the Hollywood diva.

Besides her toned and stunning body, the iconic actress knows well what to wear to perfectly emphasize her figure. Currently, Rachel from «Friends» is on the set of the series «The Morning Show» and has lately been spotted while on her way.

With her skinny high-rise jeans, a stylish black jacket, hoop earrings and fashionable sunglasses, the outstanding actress made a deep impression on both her fans and haters.

Many have been wondering whether it is genetics or the celebrity’s hard and diligent work on her appearance that she still manages to look amazing.

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