«She seems to be an unkempt housewife»: Cameron Diaz’s appearance and decision to end her career drew criticism from fans  

It is a pity to lose such a wonderful actress 🤔🧐

After the birth of her child, 49-year-old Cameron Diaz gave up her career, trying to spend more time on her family. Fans were shocked with her decision. They didn’t expect such a move from the talented actress.

The once stunning woman has changed into an ordinary housewife, which really surprises her audience. It seems she has stopped taking care of herself, devoting her whole life to her daughter.

Recently, Diaz was captured on the street in a very casual outfit with no makeup and hairstyling.

Fans’ opinions were different: many of them criticized her for giving up her career at the peak of her popularity, while others appreciated her choice, finding it much more important.

Do you like Diaz? Would you like to see her on the screen again?

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