«She seems to be an 18-year-old girl». Penelope Cruz delighted fans in a mini dress at an event  

Her bold look has sparked discussions among fans 😱😍

Penelope Cruz remains one of the most respected stars in the world, who besides being talented, has a very unique beauty.

In her childhood, she spent much time in a beauty saloon, where her mother worked, so she developed a strong taste in fashion and makeup.

She refuses plastic surgery and tries to keep her youthful appearance through skincare and a healthy lifestyle. At the age of 49, she looks amazing.

Although mainly she prefers modest clothes,  she decided to wear a bold mini-dress at an event, which kept her in the center of people’s attention.

She was shining in it and looked younger than her actual age.

Fans expressed their admiration for her beauty and charm, saying that this style suits her very much, and she seems to be 18 years old. Who can imagine that the star is nearly 50?

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