“She really screwed up her face she was so beautiful. What a shame,” said one fan after seeing Kim Basinger at her recent outing.

Former Hollywood blonde bombshell Kim Basinger is now a grandma-to-be. The 69-year-old actress was recently criticized for her appearance attending her daughter’s baby shower. However, an unbothered Basinger has decided to pay the haters no mind as she proceeds to live a happy life with her new beau.

Kim Basinger was born in Athens, Georgia, on December 8, 1953, and is the middle child of five siblings. Both her mother and father had careers in the entertainment industry—her dad played in a jazz band, and her mother was a water ballet dancer who starred in many Esther Williams films.

First following in her mother’s footsteps, Basinger was introduced to ballet as a young girl and then went on to pursue a professional modeling career before getting her start in acting.

Kim Basinger at the "Grudge Match" screening in New York City, 2013 | Source: Getty Images

By the time she reached the age of 20, she had been signed by Ford Modeling Agency and garnered the status of being a top model, earning $1000 a day.

As the first-ever “Bond Girl,” Basinger is widely known for her “It” girl confidence on the big screen. The Academy Award-winning actress has accomplished many incredible feats in her career and has always oozed nothing but confidence in every role she played.

However, not many know or would expect that the Hollywood actress suffered from crippling shyness as a child; Basinger would be so bashful in her school days to the point where she would find it very hard to read aloud or answer questions in class.

As the blonde beauty got older, she realized she had developed Agoraphobia. This anxiety disorder inhibits fear of being surrounded by large groups of people in very public spaces where one can feel trapped.

Basinger recalled how the disorder even went so far as to force her to relearn how to drive because it had been “almost six, seven months” since she drove anywhere, having just stayed in her house.

The star had sought six months of therapy to help combat her anxiety but ultimately credited her daughter for helping her come out of her shell. Today, Basinger is a grandmother-to-be to her only daughter, Ireland Baldwin’s child.

Earlier, in March, Baldwin had her baby shower, and the star-studded guest list included her mom. The “Cool World” actress showed up to the event hosted at Jumbos Clown Room in Hollywood in a business casual pantsuit with silver trousers and a black blouse. However, Basinger’s outfit was the least of the public’s concerns or opinions that night.

On April 3, 2023, a photograph of Basinger attending her daughter’s baby shower surfaced on Hollywood Life’s Facebook account. The picture showed a “fresh-faced” Basinger and her partner, Mitch Stone, making their way out of the club to their car, with Basinger looking directly into the camera.

Critics were quick to comment on Basinger’s supposedly shocking appearance. Comments made about how bad Basinger looked and how her beauty diminished took center stage, particularly one statement that read:

“She’s lost her beauty.”

A comment on Kim Basinger's looks on a Facebook post published on April 3, 2023 | Source: Life

As the post continued to go viral, more negative comments ensued. Several additional remarks implied that the “Never Say Never Again” actress seemed to have gotten some work done to her face, which contributed to her unrecognizable appearance. One viewer frankly stated:

“She really screwed up her face; she was so beautiful. What a shame.”

Outlandish claims that Basinger had plastic surgery ensued shortly after. A user went so far as to liken the Hollywood bombshell’s appearance to that of fellow actor Mickey Rourke, who has been slammed in the past for allegedly going too far with plastic surgery.

Following her marriage to Ron Snyder and, after, to American actor Alec Baldwin, with whom she shares her daughter. Basinger is now happily partnered up with Mitch Stone. The couple reportedly began dating back in 2014 after years of friendship. Speaking about their relationship, Basinger said:

“Our relationship came as a beautiful surprise. I don’t jump from one person to another. I really love to be with who I’m with.”

Kim Basinger at the Q&A segment of a screening of "The 11th Hour" in Santa Monica, 2015 | Source: Getty Images

According to several reports, Stone initially started out as Basinger’s hairstylist. The pair became good friends before they decided to go on a date which then later graduated to an official relationship.

Basinger and Stone have been dating for nine years and are happier than ever. The “L.A. Confidential” star is unbothered by the backlash she has received recently because she is focused on her relationship with Stone. When asked about the special man in her life, Basinger remarked:

“I have a wonderful boyfriend who I met over 20 years ago. We were just working together and were [terrific] friends. In the last [three] years, we became a couple which was quite surprising to both of us but a beautiful surprise.”

Despite no announcement or reports of an official engagement and wedding taking place for Stone and Basinger, Stone had been spotted sporting what looked to be a golden wedding band around his ring finger.

In 2018, Basinger and Stone attended a protest to ban the use of dog meat in the Korean dog meat trade industry. A picture in question showed the couple standing next to each other, each wearing a black T-shirt with the print: “Stop Dog Meat” on the front. Both Basinger and her boyfriend were snapped wearing gold bands on their ring fingers.

Fans speculated the couple may have wed secretly because the ring had never been spotted in other couple sightings. Some also believe the pair may announce their marital union in due time, the same way their relationship was only officially revealed some time after they had been dating already. The couple’s relationship was only confirmed following pictures of them being spotted on a romantic getaway in Hawaii a couple of years ago.

[Basinger] also takes great pleasure in spending her days with her boyfriend, and her daughter, who lives very close to her mother as she prepares to give birth.

Kim Basinger and Mitch Stone sighted at LAX International Airport in Los Angeles, 2016 | Source: Getty Images

The couple had been longtime companions in a relationship that originally started as a business one. A close friend of the pair detailed how they decided to give a romantic relationship a proper try:

“After doing her hair for so many years, one day, they thought, “Hey, why don’t we go out on a date?” And they have been [extremely] happy together.”

Basinger enjoys living her life in private, spending her days with loved ones, vacationing, and promoting social rights activism movements. Though she has kept her relationship with Stone under wraps for the most part, they’ve been spotted on the occasional dinner dates.

Basinger currently resides in Southern California by the beach, where she enjoys participating in all kinds of water sports activities, particularly surfing. Her daughter lives very close to her as well, and between them, they have 13 dogs to represent their deep love of animals. Basinger spoke about her current passions in an exclusive sit-down interview:

“I’ve been very blessed having traveled all over the world and meeting lots of wonderful people [and] my boyfriend and I spend [much] time in Hawaii [which is] our favorite place on earth. The most important thing I do is work with [four] wonderful animal protection groups to help stop [animal] cruelty.”

Basinger has no regrets about the way in which she has chosen to live her life. The “8 Mile” talent has learned a significant deal of life lessons and looks forward to continuing to learn more for the rest of her life.

Though many have critiqued her recent appearance, her daughter, Baldwin, has quickly done away with any negative comments about her mom. Many still view the beautiful blonde as the same bombshell she was in her prime. Baldwin expressed the following about her mother’s physique:

“She looks like she’s my age. Her body, I swear, it’s scary.”

Basinger credits her attitude and mindset as the secret to staying youthful. The “I Dreamed of Africa” star divulged how she wishes that the American public would adopt a more European perception of aging:

“I do really wish we had more of the European feeling of age in this country because it has put so much pressure not just on the women but on the men and the children, too. I hope to adopt that same attitude as I get older and bring it [into] my home.”

Kim Basinger and Ireland Baldwin taking a walk in the park in Woodland Hills, 1997 | Source: Getty Images

Basinger is ever the doting mother when it comes to her only daughter. The mother of one reported on how she did her best to raise Baldwin far away from the spotlight for a sense of security and stability. The “Blind Date” actress opened up to Vanity Fair about her affinity for keeping a lower profile, both for herself and her daughter:

“I’m not a big red-carpet girl. But I love the work. [My daughter] grew up in the limelight, but I tried to provide stability and a quieter world.”

Currently, Basinger is ecstatic to become a grandmother to her only child’s baby. This will be the first grandchild of the “While She Was Out” star.

Basinger enjoys working on her activism pursuits, which the star claims to hold very near and dear to her heart, and keeps her the busiest during recent times. She also takes great pleasure in spending her days with her boyfriend and her daughter, who lives very close to her mother as she prepares to give birth.