She looks chic. The most fashionable granny of the Internet

The woman makes an attempt to live life to the fullest and motivate others.

“After 40, life just starts…”

And it is right. Currently, in the modern world, the majority of women after 40 years look better than in their youth. Sports, an active lifestyle, the right nutrition as well as personal care are in fashion. Now look at this granny, she is considered to be the hottest granny on the Internet.

Meet Jacqueline Berido Pisano, an Italian Instagram celebrity.

It is not an easy matter to guess the age of this woman from the shot.

Jacqueline is now 53. She was born in Serbia but presently lives in Italy together with her daughter and grandchildren.

Jacqueline is a philologist as well and speaks five languages. She also has her own trading company. Success came to her after 30 years.

She built her career on her own and began to look after herself after 30 years when she had time for herself and money for care.

Fashion is her hobby. Currently, she is a model as well as a well-known blogger, and before that she posed for herself.

A few years ago, she shared footage and wrote under it, “Fashion-loving grandma.” And it attracted the Internet.

Since then, she carries on her microblogging. She is a successful woman in life. She has her own company. In December 2019, she turned 53. Her daughter is 33. The lady already has two grandchildren, whom she adores.

The woman makes an attempt to live life to the fullest and motivate others.

Jacqueline leads a healthy lifestyle, plays sports, and looks after herself. Do you like this grandmother?