«She is like good old wine!»: Mexican actress Hayek proved that women over 50 still can win the hearts of millions

Hayek became a role model for women proudly showing her dream body in swimwear

Despite her age, outstanding, successful and one of the best-known Mexican female actresses never misses a chance to demonstrate her stunning body and appetizing forms in attractive outfits and revealing swimwear.

Shortly after her vacation shots, the fans rushed to compliment the charming movie star. «I haven’t seen a woman hotter than her!», «How can one be so perfect?», «Her husband is lucky to have her», «I can see no wrinkle or age-related change on her».

«A role model for all women», «How amazing she is!», «Her attractive body drives me crazy».

«She is like good wine», «I can’t get tired of admiring her».

Do you share the same opinion? Do you think she still looks attractive?

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