«She is ashamed of her wrinkles»: Nicole Kidman was captured by the paparazzi on the beach

Kidman was photographed in a tight swimsuit on vacation 🧐😳

55-year-old Nicole Kidman continues to amaze fans with her timeless beauty and charm, proving everyone that life starts after 50.

She looks younger than her actual age, and it’s not surprising, as the star takes care of her appearance perfectly.

Some time ago, Kidman began to visit plastic surgeons to improve her appearance and to look much younger. But seeing how negatively her fans reacted to it, she stood back from it.

The stunning woman was captured by the paparazzi on the beach in a tight swimsuit, which highlighted her slim figure.

Fans reacted to her photos in different ways: some of them were delighted with her youthful appearance, while others claimed that she has aged and wrinkles on her body make her appearance less attractive.

Express your opinion in the comments. What do you think about the star’s appearance?

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