«She herself sets the standards!»: The way Rihanna appeared in the streets of California drew everyone’s attention

The public’s special attention was drawn to pregnant Rihanna’s fashionable image

As a reminder, Rihanna, one of the most renowned and successful performers of our time, is currently expecting her second child shortly after giving birth to her first one. With her natural look, she teaches women not to be ashamed of their bodies.

On March 23, the charming woman was spotted in the streets of California. She went shopping in children’s stores to, probably, obtain all the necessary things for her second heir.

She successfully proved to the entire world that a woman should not necessarily have a slender and widely accepted «90.60.90.» body to look stunning and attractive.

Riri was dressed in vibrant blue uggs, oversize jeans, a sky-blue sweater, a stylish yellow bag and fashionable sunglasses.

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