«She has no equals!»: Roberts’ interesting outfit at the premiere deserves special attention

All eyes were on the «Ticket to Paradise» star in a dress with graffiti images on it 🤗😍

One of the legendary stars present at the premiere of the great movie «Ticket to Paradise» became J. Roberts. Her gorgeous and catchy outfit with graffiti images on the skirt was from McQueen.

Her short blazer and luxurious silver earrings perfectly accentuated her brightness and elegance. Her co-partner was legendary G. Clooney with whom she has been in a close friendship since the filming of «Ocean’s Eleven».

The «Pretty Woman» star expressed her gratitude for Clooney for openly supporting her.

The star has happily been married to D. Moder for 20 years with whom she has four adorable children.

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