“She has changed beyond recognition”: The master transformed this 65-year-old housewife into a stunning lady

Thanks to a stylist, this 65-year-old woman felt herself beautiful again

This unrealistically beautiful and graceful woman, because of certain circumstances and difficulties in life has changed into an exhausted housewife.

Because of unlimited household duties the woman has lost any motivation to take care of her appearance and usually didn’t even have enough time for if. She was tired of seeing the same exhausted and unkempt woman in the mirror every day.

For the occasion of her 65th birthday, the housewife decided to turn to professional and qualified stylist Christopher Hopkins in order to feel beautiful again.

The stylist didn’t dye her grey hair. Instead, he added some silver shades and she immediately started to look much more elegant and look much younger her age. Afterwards, makeup was done in nude colors and the woman looked simply amazing.

She was very grateful to the stylist for gifting her former beauty and youth. She is definitely going to leave every speechless during her birthday party.

What can you say?

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