«She can’t even stand next to Middleton!»: Everyone’s attention was drawn to Markle’s bold look in a strapless dress

The subject of discussions became the daring look of Markle with bare shoulders 😳🧐

The recent appearance of M. Markle and the Prince at the Women of Vision Event in New York became the subject of heated discussions.

The bold golden dress of the Duchess with bare shoulders captured absolutely everyone’s attention there. She recived a prestigious award and was among those whom paparazzi and journalists didn’t leave even for a second.

Her maxi dress with a slit and golden scales caused a stir on the network. Many strongly disliked her outrageous look and rushed to leave negative comments.

There were two big groups of netizens. Her fans stood up for her sincerely admiring the Duchess.

«The woman I truly adore», «She is closer to people», «Incomparable!».

But there were also those who heavily criticized her.

«She can’t even stand next to Middleton», «She is far from being an aristocrat».

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