She asked to address her as «they»: Paparazzi caught well-known singer Lopez with Ben Affleck and their children in Los Angeles

The fans were left astonished with the sight of Jennifer Lopez’s daughter Emma

Just recently, one of the brightest, successful and overall-recognized American actresses and singers Lopez was spotted by paparazzi in Los Angeles while taking a walk with her husband Ben Affleck and their children.

Many network users’ attention was fully drawn to the sight of Lopez’s heiress who didn’t let anyone remain silent with the way she looked then.

It should be noted that lately, Emma, the heiress of the Hollywood diva, asked the netizens to address her as «they» and, according to the recent paparazzi photos, she is still in the decisive stage of her life.

Many are convinced that Lopez’s daughter has nothing in common with her iconic mother and that it is actually her fame and popularity that mislead her.

This didn’t let the netizens remain indifferent and Emma’s appearance has long been discussed.

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