«She ages like wine!»: The recent appearance of Cruz in a mini dress at a flower shop pleasantly surprised the fans

Even at 49, Cruz doesn’t cease to attract hearts with her stunningly beautiful look 🤗😍

Everyone’s special attention has recently been drawn to this agelessly beautiful and charismatic actress who never ceases to attract millions of hearts with her attractiveness and great talent.

Even at her 49, she doesn’t cease to delight the entire world with her gorgeous thick hair, almond-shaped eyes, beautiful features and a toned body. It seems as if time has no power over her and she keeps saying «No!» to aging.

These days, she has been spotted at a flower shop with a bouquet of peonies in her hand. Her green mini dress perfectly emphasized her impeccable figure revealing her slender and stunning legs.

The final touch to her interesting image became donned platforms that gave her even more elegance. They looked rather comfy but became an ideal complement to her look.

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