«Shaved head with a bold statement»: Milla Jovovich’s new look with a shaved head has sparked controversy

What kind of strength a person need to have to show herself like this to the whole world?😱Fans are confused seeing Milla with shaved head😬😲«Whether you like it or hate it, it’s done», she said🤐

Hollywood actress Milla Jovovich is of Ukrainian origin․ She recently decided to change her appearance, surprising fans, and shaved her head.

Milla played a role in «The Fifth Element»․ She said on social networks that she found a hair clipper and decided to use it․ «I really wanted change and decided to change something in myself․ And so I found a hair clipper․ In any case, the hair will grow again․ Whether you like it or not, I did it and we’ll see what happens next», Jovovich said.

She posted a photo of herself with a new hairstyle on social networks․ In the photo she was captured with wet and tousled hair.

Fans of the actress were surprised to see the new image of the actress․ They appreciated her beauty and charisma and expressed their admiration. In the comments, fans wrote: «No matter what hairstyle you have, you are as beautiful as always», «What beautiful skin! You look younger than your age», «How sexy you are!» and «I really liked the hairstyle»․

Recently, Milla Jovovich’s daughter Ever Anderson took part in a daring photo shoot with a mohawk hairstyle and a biker jacket. She is very charismatic just like her mother․
What do you think of Milla’s new look?

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