Shaved head and mini short. Jolie’s daughter became the reason for discussions again

Possibly her transformations mainly related to her parents.

Shiloh Jolie Pitt is the first natural daughter of well-known celebrities. Nevertheless, Shiloh from childhood differed from the rest in her wayward temperament as well as desire to always be like a boy from the yard. Shiloh rebelled and walked in this style, and Jolie did not oppose to her desire, and gave her approval.

Later, the girl made up her mind to become feminine, which was surprising many, but seemingly, something occurred to her again because not so long ago, the 16-year-old heiress of the celebrities was captured by the paparazzi wearing very short shorts, sneakers as well as with a shaved head almost to zero.

Some did not understand Shiloh’s casual style and thought that she was unhappy again and the reason is her parents.

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