«Second Brad Pitt is hard to recognize!»: The entirely new image of 42-year-old Chris Pine caused a stir

Fans refused to believe that this unkempt-looking man with a gray beard is Pine 😳😱

Here is Ch. Pine who has been one of the heartthrobs and was always surrounded by female admirers who were madly in love with him. He even used to be called the «Second Brad Pitt». Yet, the changes he has recently undergone are incredible.

Many started to even worry about his health and mental state questioning whether he suffered any diseases or dangerous habits.

His brilliant acting, extraordinary charm and charisma made him an in-demand and highly praised actor in Hollywood. He mainly portrayed superheroes and princes that suited his image most.

Whereas he has undergone radical changes in recent years. Many believe that he now looks even older and stopped taking care of his appearance.

His completely grayed beard and long hair make him look even older and less well-groomed.

His drastic transformation let no single one remain indifferent. He ceased to look like himself and, instead of being called the second Pitt, he now resembles a homeless man according to netizens.

No one knows for sure whether he suffers some serious diseases or bad habits that make him look much older.

However, another explanation for this may be the fact that he simply chose not to use anti-aging procedures and ages in a natural way. He still keeps acting in films and appearing on the red carpet.

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