Sebastian has a bright future ahead of him. A high school student walks along the stage with crutches

This boy is a motivation for many people.

It’s beyond the bounds of a doubt that Sebastian Thom has a bright future ahead of him.

He has quite big plans, and he does everything to reach them.

Starting from high school, he achieved his aims gradually, becoming a motivation to many.

The boy was born having a neuronal tube disorder, which leaves him mostly in a wheelchair.

But he didn’t have the desire to get his title that way. That’s what the courageous boy did.

He amazed everyone and walked around the stage on crutches. Even when he slipped for a moment, it still didn’t make him despair. The entire crowd began to welcome him with many shouts.

His family as well as fellows were simply astonished and delighted.

Sebastian is already engaged with his other aims.

He applied to universities, and at the same time, he is learning to drive a car with manual control as well.

He even made up his mind to learn how to play basketball in wheelchair soon.

Definitely, Sebastian has a bright future ahead of him. We are so happy for him. Congratulations, Sebastian.

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