«Sacrificed their beauty for the sake of career goals»: These legendary movie stars radically changed their appearance for film roles

Here are 5 talented film stars who sacrificed their beauty for the sake of film roles

People who archive great success and overall-recognition are those who put effort on their work and do it diligently and with love. Sometimes, they face the urgent need to sacrifice something in order to become real masters in their profession.

S. Weaver – «Snow White: A Penny Dreadful»

Snow White’s story was filmed not once and one of its adaptations is called «Snow White: A Penny Dreadful» where she brilliantly played the role of a stepmother. Her talent was praised by critics and the actress was nominated for several awards.

T. Egerton – «Rocketman»

The prominent actor brilliantly portrayed legendary musician Elton John who was the executive producer of the movie and wanted Taron to star the leading role. The actor sang all the songs himself including «Your Song» being the musician’s fan.

E. Stone – «Battle of the Sexes»

The great film «Battle of the Sexes», which is based on the true story of tennis player B. Riggs and B. Jean King, was excellently played by Emma Stone. For the sake of her role, the outstanding actress gained 7 kilos of muscle.

J. Carrey – «The Bad Batch»

One of the most intriguing and controversial films of 2016 was played by J. Momoa, J. Carry, K. Reeves, D. Luna and many others. Carrey’s character in «The Bad Batch» was his first role during which he didn’t speak a word.

M. Robbie – «Tonya vs. Everyone»

This well-known film was based on the true story of talented figure skater Tonya Harding who had a tragic accident. For this role, Margot Robbie trained all the time and even tried to repeat the famous triple axel performed by her, yet, of course, failed.

The producer admitted that even if they could find someone who would be able to perform it, they, anyway, would strongly disagree because of the possible risk of a terrible injury.