«Sacrificed their beauty for a role!»: These legendary movie stars shaved their heads for the sake of a role

Here is the list and photos of stars who bravely shaved her heads for the sake of their career 😲🙂

It sometimes seems as if the life of show business stars is full of joy and they face no difficulties and challenges. However, it is definitely a misconception since, in fact, many of them are obliged to even sacrifice something to appear on the big screen.

Today, we will show those world-renowned and successful celebrities who courageously agreed to shave their heads for the sake of their career. Can you even imagine?

K. Stewart

D. Moore

C. Blanchett

Ch. Theron

A Hathaway

S. Viver

K. Hudson

R. McGowan

O. Cuck

S. Nickson

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